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I plan to move the company

  We is 80 Hou has ideal of generation, we caught up with has social of big development, we home is not is rich, but we has opportunities turn became rich II generation of father, so we is can promising of generation, we has ideal, and has ambitions, we also has plans, I is we of which one of, a has ambitions of stay promising youth, I also for himself developed has a plans, I compared bullish moved market, so I developed has open moved company of plans.

now is is social of big development, although venture future still is big, but after all now has is trades furniture XING, not like yiqian trades stay XING, we can for industries by himself to development, but now trades furniture XING of situation Xia, we will find has potential of target development, I on select has moved company, because we after all is self-made, we not rich II generation, no home large of funds for we development, we only self-made, so I developed has a compared reality of ideal plans, Is open Shenzhen moved company, I do this plans has not day two days, I of plans is after considered of, at least I personal is so think of, so to open moved company also need funds, so I of plans is such of: I now logistics market do a 2-3 years, this years is I learning and honed himself of time, I will in logistics market familiar logistics and moved company of operation process and skills, and this years I will scrimped and saved saved Xia money, to three years Hou, Then ask a friend to borrow some money or a loan to buy a van and then find a small facade began to pull business trial, you can find a few workers started from an early age. As your moving company then gradually increase the volume of business scale, slowly towards the formal weapons development, Shenzhen moving company phones this is my plan, because the moving company's great potential, so I choose.