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Move the expansion of markets and the development of social relationships

  General of we will think moved market spread not expanded and except moved circle zhiwai of people nothing relationship, also not was went moved and social of relationship, so moved market of expanded and social of development have relationship does, we to know, for social of a molecular, social of development on we each personal are is has relationship of, however Guangzhou moved company moved market big has, do moved company of money has, but we social masses is as of no what benefit Ah, What does that have to do with our.

said of is, moved with we didn't want to dry of has what relationship does, but social of development on with we has relationship has, social more progress, we more can had Shang better of life, this is didn't personal also are is believes of, so moved although with we no relationship but moved with social development has relationship, social development with we has relationship, so indirect to moved with we of life development also has relationship has, was will said moved of not we, family moved to better of home, we and didn't moving, How can our development, but social development can suggests we may be in development. Has sentence said have good, consumption promoted social development, yes consumption can promoted economic of development is social of development, moved market expanded has, that is moved of increasingly more has, so is consumption of increasingly more has, this not only is promoted has social of development also description has social of development, increasingly more of people moved to has better of House not is description social in development did, Guangzhou moved company phone moved is a consumption, moved of increasingly more not is consumption of increasingly more did, So the expansion not only move markets to promote social development or social development. From another perspective, the move is better moved to an old house new House, then empty out of an old House, even more the man of the House has a room for improvement, there will be even more people of the House into the others could not be moved out of the old House, which is in development, isn't it? So moving is a sign of social development and an Assistant.

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