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Moving my home improvement

  Dang I also is a children of when I lived of is old of roofed, then I home life had of is constraints, live of conditions is poor, and food since volume also not high, but since again and again moved Hou I home conditions on increasingly good has, Shenzhen moved company took now of life and yiqian compared gap is a day a night, is so obviously, just I home, almost are in development, now casually a family also than then of I home had of conditions good, but from again and again of moved, Deep reflects the progress of my family moved to clearly illustrate the condition of my home.

then I lived in old roofed, but with industrial of rise, we rural people also without home every day keep with fields has, are can out do workers has, so didn't years I home on cover up has bungalow, so we home moved has, from roofed moved to bungalow has, this is has I began first times moved, this is family to well-off of a milestone, we lived Shang has square, then is years of development, had has years I home and somewhat deposits, so I home and cover up has two layer of building, So I home and moved into building has, this is second times moved, building than with bungalow that and not a grade, so I home than yiqian more rich has, this is social of progress is I home of progress, to now 21st century, with hi-tech times of coming, we are than yiqian rich has, now in town buy room of abound, I home is, in town buy has a House, on in last year I home and moved has, moved into has town of new home, this on more description has I home in progress, Tile from the countryside to the city's new buildings, isn't this development, moving company in Shenzhen for the first time the phone before moving home to even afford vegetables, now moving meat often, it did not progress from the House say it all, really move reflects the progress of my home.