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The pain of no one to help you move

  for some floating moved, and not family moved for, General only some luggage and no what furniture appliances, of things, up has a computer, since is floating, so a years moved a once two times of home is is normal of things, such Guangzhou moved company of situation usually are is a people two a people of when only some, because out rent House are is a people two a people, rent of House which has perennial are in same place of, often moved is inevitable of, If someone helped you move well, if not, then that really is very upset, I was very impressed.

Dang you out of when not like home as, awareness of people special more, are is family friends of, however out work of when, so may on we himself, may will has so little of several friends, but not too more, this is certainly of, so dang we need room moved of when may is we most tired most trouble of when, at least I is so think of, thought for this things I is deep has experience, I can experience to didn't people help you moved Shi of that trouble of mood, was bad through has, That once because landlord House to decoration, so I on only moved has, dang find good new of residence Hou, on began kick moved has, by said not like family family moved as so more things, but for a people for, himself of throughout the of clothes, and quilt and other life supplies, also has a Taiwan Desktop LCD computer, this for a people for has is hard bear has, at on I himself live in that place, colleagues are in other place live, I leave Guangzhou moved company phone, others and please not off, So on only I himself moved has, at has two big package of luggage and a big packaging computer, three big luggage package on a a people for, took up very difficult, I to put luggage got station car go, station is not is far, but on I for has is away not and the, I at was is go a step stopped about, a step a stopped go to station of, I at mood that called a bad, I wants to put luggage threw has of heart are has, but cannot threw Ah, only little moved to station then got off Hou in moved to new homes, I was almost embarrassed to the fullest, and worse makes people always remember that shadow will make people think to move, this is not the pain of people to help you move.