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Winter move remember to be careful

  going into the winter, new homes new homes before the lunar new year to pay attention, Shenzhen moving company moving in the winter need to pay attention to a lot of problems, believe it would be a mistake.

we all know there is a reflection on the physical phenomenon known as thermal expansion and contraction, in fact, this word is used for anything, whether it's solid wood furniture is the soft textile carpeting, and so on, there will be changes can be small or large.

in winter moved of when to note view weather problem, if accidentally no prepared, are moved of when Xia up has snow, that on on smile very, this is moved does also is not moved does, not moved put, new home no Pack good, cannot live people, home does, things are moved has, also cannot live people, this big winter of can the do, continues to Shenzhen moved company phone moved's, have risked snow moved, not only furniture things moved have when will appeared hand sliding, phenomenon, if missed things broke not said, In case of hit man so bad, not only have to pay for medical treatment have to suffer, winter most uncomfortable in hospital, the hospital is not convenient, winter had to stay in hospital from home quilt, or cold, also worried about the hospital's nurse will take care of, but also to take care of their families, which values which is not worth it. So, when winter moves, the best good weather ahead, you first need to watch the weather is not suitable for moving, and other moving things that need attention!