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  mechanical lifting: factory installed lifting, driving, the dismantling of factories, machinery and equipment moving (relocation), large (KD) ship-handling and lighterage.

besides lifting: Super high-rise steel structure of the building, flags, hoisting unit, compressor, central air conditioning, Elevator, large tank crane unloading, roads in place, hydraulic lift, promotion. Electrical equipment: installation, commissioning a dragon.

transportation: we can provide users with full service, preparation of the transport programme, survey, measurement, comparison and evaluation overall transportation costs.

construction machinery agents: provide 1250t crawler crane, 500t hydraulic automobile crane, cargo 1280t flatbed truck for transport to the following Agency services, our services will make you satisfied!

human resources: we have a group of experienced lifting technology, production and installation of steel structures, large transport, mechanical and electrical experts, can provide your bid, review, decision construction scheme, training provides a great deal of help.

technical services: we provide engineering consulting programming, assist in the preparation of tender documents and construction; at the same time provide your project with on-site technical services such as hoisting.