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Piano transportation

Piano transportation

  piano than ordinary furniture moving easier to worry about. This is not only because of their high value, because the piano is often the favorite objects, move was striking, being touched, how can we not call people love! Our company has trained a group of professional piano movers! Place:

(1) do not place the piano surrounded by serious corrosion gas to prevent oxidation of metal surfaces.

(2) the piano not Ting placed near water or a heat source, to be more than 2 metres apart to prevent baked deformation of wooden pieces.

(3) the piano do not place under the air conditioner or air conditioning air conditioning direct sunlight place, place the cold snap caused hot piano quality changes.

(4) the piano do not place in direct sunlight to prevent part of deformation cracks and film quality changes.

(5) the piano placed between environmental requirements to maintain relative humidity of 40~70% is the most suitable. Also require good ventilation in the room and sunlight, in such an environment, can inhibit the breeding ground for moths and mildew.

(6) the piano back don't hug the wall, there should be at least 10 cm clearance, such as conditional best diagonal corner.

(7) when the harp when placed on the ground floor, should raise some piano pieces and round the foot pad of wood or wood is used as a platform. Down slot in padded wood block and fixed with the ground, in case the piano move and fall.